About Gilkar Design + Build

Gilkar Design + Build is a Virginia and DC Class A Commercial & Residential Building Contractor. It was founded by Abdullah Foushanji in 2017 as a continuation to his 30+ year journey of residential, commercial, and mixed-use building construction.

Foushanji founded Gilkar after moving to the United States to put in full use his long-time experience in construction from different parts of the world. This new venture merged with his family’s second-generation to result in a solid construction project portfolio. These projects were put on the market and followed by current and on-going projects.

Passion and constant presence are our encouragement for building more spaces. Our goal is to attain perfection to the product and satisfaction of the customer.

Core Competencies

Our passion and experience focus on commercial/institutional, and residential new work, additions and alterations. Having built in various parts of the world, we have gained levels of understanding of these processes to create higher-value per dollar spent. We are confident that we will do whatever it takes to make our client is happy with the value we deliver to them.


  • Our approach to our business is around client confidence and satisfaction. For each new project, our last delivered project is the standard bar we try to push.
  • At designing, scoping, and trade coordination; we are highly cooperative:
  • Our experience allows us to provide value-engineering solutions. We believe project success is built around everyone’s understanding of the required capabilities and limitations while understanding what value means the client.
  • We self-perform our pre-construction as-builts, layout, monitoring, and final as-builts. This ensures we are well involved with the pre-fabricated items and installations QC.
  • We are responsive 24-7: Because our clients need to communicate their concerns and issues to ensure we tackle them. This is how we attain our clients’ confidence in our work during the life of the project which is as important as their happiness after the project is complete.

Featured on VOA

Gilkar Design + Build was featured in an interview with Voice of America in August of 2019. This video features our first new construction build, 3600 Dannys Ln. Please contact us if you have a project you need built, info@Gilkar.com.


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